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Friday, March 17, 2017

Welcome the bundle of joy

As a woman embarks on the journey of pregnancy, she brings with her a lot of hope and happiness for her family. Right from her food to her lifestyle directly or indirectly impacts the baby in the womb. The extra care that is taken during these intense periods of foetal development, go a long way in having a healthy baby. An expecting mother should always be treated with care and love by her near and dear ones, to keep her positive and happy. This combination of physical and mental wellbeing is imperative to create a positive pregnancy experience.
Here are some of the things the mother and her family can follow to prepare themselves in welcoming the bundle of joy.
·         Eat healthy foods rich in iron, calcium, vitamins and folic acid. Eat at regular intervals and do not stick to the three-meal a day regime. During the initial months of nausea, keep your body well hydrated and eat foods that are filling and healthy.
·         Practice a fitness routine by doing simple walking or pregnancy yoga. It not only helps to stay active but also helps in strengthening the muscles that are essential during childbirth.  Choose the exercises that are suitable to the corresponding stage of pregnancy and always learn it from a trained professional.
·         Always keep the mind and thoughts positive. Read books that are motivational in nature and listen to soft music to keep the mind always calm.
·         Do not skip any doctor visits and scans, as regularly monitoring the health of the mother and baby is very important.
·         Always verify facts or clarify from your doctor about any kind of myths related to pregnancy. Many varied opinions about what is the best food or what is the right sleeping position can be offered to the expecting mother. Clarify it with your doctor and understand the scientific basis behind the suggestions before following them blindly.
·         Towards the end of the third semester keep a bag of essentials ready to be taken to the hospital. It will be very handy to the caregivers during and after the delivery.
·         Try to find some help during the post-partum period as it can be overwhelming for the mother and the baby. Especially first-time mothers can choose a person who they are very comfortable with, to help them with the baby right after the delivery.
·         After the delivery, take the help of the doctor or a good lactation consultant to establish breastfeeding. Breast milk is the most nutritious fluid for a baby and mastering the art of feeding a baby can be tricky without proper guidance or help.
·         Family members and husband, in particular, can help the mother with the newborn and give her some much-needed rest. The entire pregnancy and childbirth can be a very energy draining process for the woman and helping her to get adequate rest can help her get back to normalcy quickly.

There are many world-class maternity hospitals in India today that offer premium pregnancy care for expectant mothers. Choosing the right hospital with proper pre and post-partum care can make the birthing experience very smooth and joyful. 

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